Important Dates
SoCG Abstracts due November 25, 2022
SoCG Papers due December 2, 2022
SoCG Notification of acceptance/rejection February 7, 2023
SoCG Final versions of accepted papers due March 16, 2023
Welcome reception in the evening June 11, 2023
CG Week Event June 12-15, 2023

The Computational Geometry Week (CG Week) is the premier international forum for advances in computational geometry and its many applications.

CG Week combines a number of events, most notably the 39th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2023), the associated Media Exposition (CG:ME), workshops, and the Young Researchers Forum (CG:YRF).


  • June 11, 2023:

    CG Week 2023 kicks off tonight with a Welcome Reception in the Second Floor Atrium of FO! It runs from 6:00 PM—8:00 PM (18:00—20:00).

    The proceedings for SoCG 2023 are available on DROPS.

    A web form for reviewing SoCG student presentations is available. Please help us in selecting the winner of the SoCG best student presentation award.

  • June 5, 2023: The practicalies page has been updated with a map of conference rooms and suggestions for food and attractions.
  • May 22, 2023: Registration for online only attendence is now open. Please see the registration page for more information.
  • May 16, 2023: Registration to stay in the University Commons residence halls has closed. Also, a more detailed program is now available.

SoCG Invited Speakers

Moon Duchin
Tufts University

Redistricting as a computational geometry problem

In this talk I'll give an overview of how to think about elections and redistricting through graph partitions, with tools from computational geometry. One major element is the use of tree-based graph algorithms to efficiently generate samples; another part of the story is the use of topological data analysis to understand large samples.

Sven Koenig
University of Southern California

Multi-Agent Path Finding and Its Applications

The coordination of robots and other agents becomes more and more important for industry. For example, on the order of one thousand robots already navigate autonomously in Amazon fulfillment centers to move inventory pods all the way from their storage locations to the picking stations that need the products they store (and vice versa). Optimal path planning for these robots is NP-hard, yet one must find high-quality collision-free paths for them in real-time. Such multi-agent path-finding problems have been studied in different research communities, including robotics, artificial intelligence, and theoretical computer science, and were used as the challenge problem in SoCG 2021. In this talk, I will discuss different variants of multi-agent path-finding problems, cool ideas for both solving them and executing the resulting plans robustly, and several of their applications, including warehousing, manufacturing, autonomous driving, and pipe routing. I will also discuss how three Ph.D. students from my research group and one Ph.D. student from a collaborating research group at Monash University used multi-agent path-finding technology to win the NeurIPS-20 Flatland train scheduling competition. Our research on this topic has been funded by both NSF and Amazon Robotics.

Child Care

If you need child care, please contact the organizers as early as possible.

Code of Conduct

CG Week adopts the recommendations of SafeToC to help prevent and combat harassment in the Theory of Computing community. All CG Week participants must observe the code of conduct reported here.

The SafeToC contacts are CG Week 2023 are:

  • Benjamin Burton (he/him/his) (bab “at” maths “dot” uq “dot” edu “dot” au)
  • Erin Wolf Chambers (she/her/hers) (erin “dot” chambers “at” slu “dot” edu)
  • Bianca Dornelas (she/her/hers) (bdornelas “at” tugraz “dot” at)
  • Anne Driemel (she/her/hers) (driemel “at” cs “dot” uni-bonn “dot” edu)
  • Jeff Erickson (he/him/his) (jeffe “at” illinois “dot” edu)
  • Patrick Schnider (he/him/his) (first-name “dot” last-name “at” inf “dot” ethz “dot” ch)

Local Organization


  • Emily Fox
  • Benjamin Raichel

(Recent) Student Volunteers

  • Hongyao Huang
  • Jishnu Jaykumar P
  • Jonathan James Perry
  • Swaroop Ranganath
  • Jihan Wang

Contact: [email protected]


CG Week 2023 is partially funded by the following sponsors. We're grateful for their support!

  • The Workshop program of the Office of Research and Innovation at UTD
  • The Jonsson School Research Initiative program of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at UTD
  • Siemens
  • The Department of Computer Science at UTD
  • The National Science Foundation through a Student Travel Grant (CCF-2321292)